MaterialScan provides salt spray corrosion tests for many industrial sectors thanks to the partnership with Proton Technology, a worldwide operating laboratory accredited to ISO/IEC 17025.

Salt spray tests automotive

Salt spray corrosion tests automotive

Corrosion tests IKEA and furniture

Corrosion tests IKEA

Environmental tests electric parts

Salt spray corrosion tests electrical components

Salt spray corrosion tests on coatings

Salt spray tests ships

What do we offer?

More than 200 tests in a catalogue. Salt spray corrosion tests are performed in accordance with international standards and specifications of several automotive OEMs, manufacturers of industrial vehicles, trailers, special vehicles and motorbikes.

Testing of large components. Test cabinets can accommodate products of all sizes, not just standardized specimens.

Report delivery in 24h. Thanks to 15 test cabinets and the express delivery option, results are delivered within 24h after test completion.

The only laboratory in Europe acknowledged by IKEA for salt spray corrosion tests.

Salt spray corrosion tests

Thanks to a 1200 m² climate-controlled laboratory and the fastest lead time on the market, we can satisfy customer requests belonging to the mechanical supply chain of automotive, furniture and building sectors.

In addition to salt spray corrosion tests and surface analysis, the laboratory performs tests on coatings (paints, varnishes and metal coatings) and environmental tests on electrical and electronic components.

Failure analysis and material testing

Our team analyzes failures of plastic or metal components to determine the causes of damage and identify corrective actions.

We perform material testing and laboratory verification to assess the presence of defects, signs of degradation or other alterations.

Innovation and research funded projects

Do you have an innovative idea and are you looking for assistance in developing it?

We have been working for many years with companies and research organisations on innovation, sustainability and circular economy.

MaterialScan can support your company in research funding programmes, both from a technical point of view and in writing the funding application.


IKEA corrosion tests

IKEA corrosion tests

IKEA corrosion tests are accelerated environmental tests that simulate long-term operating conditions in order to evaluate the effect of the corrosion process on a component over a certain time lapse. IKEA corrosion tests and coating thickness measurements shall be...

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The history of corrosion tests – Part 3

The history of corrosion tests – Part 3

PROTON TECHNOLOGY - 15 YEARS OF PROFESSIONAL CORROSION TESTING, Part 3 - What next? Author: Stefan Gustafsson Ledell, CEO Proton Technology Time flies when you're having fun and Proton Technology recently turned 15 years. This article is the third out of three...

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