MaterialScan has been founded in 2015 by a team of material science professionals with expertise in the field of industrial research aimed at new materials and product development.

The company has always worked in innovation and circular economy projects intending to contribute to the achievement of sustainability goals. As a result of collaborations with international industrial partners, the company specializes in laboratory tests on metals and plastics and offers tailor-made solutions for Quality Control, failure analysis, design and material selection.

Starting from 2022, MaterialScan is the Italian partner of Proton Technology, a leading European laboratory for corrosion tests and analysis of surfaces and coatings in the automotive, shipbuilding, metalworking and furniture industries.

MaterialScan makes available the expertise, reliability and professionalism of its technicians to provide the solution suitable for customers’ needs.

Success cases

We work every day to reward the trust that our customers reserve us. Here are some of the companies which we have collaborated with on specific, challenging and compelling cases. We are able to improve thanks to them.

Professionisti in ingegneria dei materiali per elettrodomestico

Professionisti in ingegneria dei materiali per biomedicale

Professionisti in ingegneria dei materiali per alimentare



Professionisti in ingegneria dei materiali per nautica

Professionisti in ingegneria dei materiali per pipeline

Professionisti in ingegneria dei materiali per metalmeccanico

Professionisti in ingegneria dei materiali per Ceramtec



Professionisti in ingegneria dei materiali per elettronica






Professionisti in ingegneria dei materiali per Oil and Gas

Professionisti in ingegneria dei materiali per meccanica


Professionisti in ingegneria dei materiali per compositi

MaterialScan story

The idea of launching a start-up arose at the University of Trieste, where a group of researchers decided to foster their scientific skills and professionalism deriving from work experience gained in private companies. During the first years, in addition to the University of Trieste, MaterialScan was supported by Friuli Innovazione , in particular for the development of the business idea.

The innovation project

The innovation journey began at the laboratories of the University of Trieste where interesting results had been produced on a new sound-absorbing panel made from waste thermoset composites such as fibreglass.

MaterialScan started from these results and developed the production method by extending the range of recyclable materials to carbon fibre composites (CFRP), rigid polyurethane and bricks and devising a new waste conversion process capable of making not only panels but also small insulating spheres with same performance that can be used for fillings and padding.

Professionisti in ingegneria dei materiali

Changes and new challenges

In parallel with the implementation of its technological innovation projects in the field of new materials, MaterialScan has always worked alongside companies in the development of sustainable products through feasibility studies and tailor-made technical consultancies on Quality Control, failure analysis, design and material selection.

As a microenterprise sustaining from its own resources only, the company has focused on diversifying the services it offers to meet the new market demands deriving from the global-scale changes that have occurred since 2020. Making its material expertise available to clients, the company has specialized in failure analysis of components subjected to corrosion and degradation.

Future perspectives

Nearly ten years later, the MaterialScan project continues with the goal of making the results achieved during the long journey of growth available to the manufacturing sector.

Future perspectives are based on the important collaboration started in 2022 with the Swedish company Proton Technology, a worldwide operating laboratory accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 leader in corrosion testing. Corrosion tests are required in various industries, and MaterialScan engineers offer qualified technical support throughout Italy for the choice of test methods, customization of exposure cycles as well as surface analysis.

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