Do you wish to act before competitors in the development of innovative and sustainable products?

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Innovation and sustainable products

MaterialScan works with you throughout all development stages of circular and sustainable new products by:


  • feasibility studies
  • material selection and identification of new suppliers
  • material characterization
  • planning of experimental activities for product qualification.
Prodotti innovativi e sostenibili

Research funding programmes

Thanks to more than ten-year experience in R&D project management in collaboration with highly qualified partners, we aim to support companies that want to participate in research calls both in writing the application and in the technical activities management.

We have been involved personally and as a service provider in several research projects.

Prodotti innovativi e sostenibili

RePlasT – Recycled Plastic Testing

The project aims at developing a test method to determine the composition of polyolefin-based mixtures derived from post-consumer plastic materials – such as detergent bottles, packaging trays and food films – with the purpose of improving the quality of materials intended for recycling.

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Feasibility study for the recycling of post-consumer plastics

Within the project, MaterialScan dealt with the feasibility assessment of mixed plastics supply chain extension. Our experts characterized polymer compounds after the selection of plastics derived from municipal waste. After characterization, MaterialScan identified possible applications and assessed process technical feasibility.

Progetto innovativo e sostenibile

GEMMA – Green and Eco-sustainable Material MAnagement

The project consists in the development of a patented technology capable to convert barely recyclable scrap such as fibreglass, carbon fibres, bricks and polyurethane into a novel material composed of a recycled fraction (50%) and natural additives (50%).

During 2017 the GEMMA project allowed MaterialScan to be included in the Italian Atlas of Circular Economy promoted by Legambiente and to be awarded during Start Cup Friuli Venezia Giulia Award for the AGRIFOOD – CLEANTECH category.

Progetto innovazione POR-FESR

GGT Doors – Green Gas Tight Doors

MaterialScan’s activities focused on the prototyping of an innovative material obtained from waste to be inserted inside a fire door for naval sector instead of traditional rock wool. The project focused also on research activities to improve resistance to fire thanks to the use of nanotechnological additives.

Innovation partners

MaterialScan collaborates with the following companies and research institutes:

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Surface Academy® by Cotec Labs: how to boost the development of sustainable products

To prevent damage caused by corrosion it is essential to know the underlying mechanisms, triggers, and possible corrective measures that can be taken to extend the life of a component under certain operating conditions.

Cotec Labs Surface Academy® organizes training courses aimed at technicians and engineers employed in various company departments such as research and development, testing, quality, maintenance and service. Courses are held several times a year both online and in-person.

Basics of coatings and corrosion

It all starts here: Why do some materials corrode, and some don’t? What types of surface treatment is available, and what are their advantages? Five different lectures to download, at a total time of five hours.

Certified surface finisher (medium)

Learn all there is to know about surface treatment, coatings and corrosion, and become a certified surface finisher.

Corrosion protection training (advanced)

In order to prevent damage, it is essential to understand what causes corrosion on components under certain operating conditions, and what the damage pattern of the corrosion looks like.

For further information visit the Surface Academy® webpage

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