Author: Stefan Gustafsson Ledell, CEO Proton Technology

Time flies when you’re having fun and this year (2022) Proton Technology turn 15 years. This article is the second out of three articles that describe Proton Technology’s journey from the start until today, as well as what the future might hold.

At the time of writing, Proton Technology is one of Europe’s leading corrosion and surface analysis laboratories, working towards global OEM and their subcontractors all over the world. In the last article, part 1, we described how it all started. During 2012-2016 Proton Technology had a great growth and became a Global laboratory, but what was the strategic keys that made it happen?

Laboratorio test di corrosione

Figure 1. New laboratory built in 2016.

Nuovi strumenti test di corrosione Tecnici al lavoro su test di corrosione
Figure 2a. New investments to be more flexible Figure 2b. Some of our service minded employees


A few years after our accreditation, in 2011, we started up two more business areas, Surface Academy and Surface Engineering. We also invested in a SEM and other microscopes to be able to help our customers even more, for example when a coating test failed. This led to signing several process control agreements with the largest job-coaters in Sweden, and in 2014 we partnered up with two new OEMs: Volvo Truck and Scania.

This was the starting point, to reach out to customers all over the world. We made heavy investments to be able to handle the growth and in 2016 we built a new laboratory. A strategy was to make 100% of the laboratory, temperature and humidity controlled. Why? Because we want total quality control over our tests.

In 2018 we took on a new strategy to take another step towards being a Global laboratory. We became approved to test according to Ford and Daimler. We also introduced a Proton Technology Network and Partner model. This was the starting point towards a very promising future.

Three short questions to Joakim Ekström, Technical Sales Manager and Corrosion Test Expert, Proton Technology.


Why do our customers choose Proton Technology?

Our customers have tight schedule when it comes to PPAP and coating verifications. Any sufficient test method mimics the corrosivity of the environment where the final product is used. At the same time, we know high quality Accelerated Cyclic Corrosion Tests takes time. Our Laboratory Engineers are very effective when it comes to start and finalizing the test report. I am convinced the time factor is more crucial now than ever“.


What do you think has been the key-factors of Proton Technology’s success?

Personally, I believe the competence and flexibility of our employees are important factors. A genuine interest in learning new things and delivering services of the highest quality makes our engineers want to develop within the company. We always try to be responsive and create projects together with the customer. Of course, this makes high demands, especially in markets of an international or less explored nature. Sometimes it’s about looking a little further. Knowing what the customer’s customer is asking for makes the challenge even greater. At the same time, it is essential for the delivery to be valuable in the longer term“.


What will be the next step in Proton Technology’s development?

Being a one-stop shop is a main goal and a work in progress. We simply want to ensure the supply of our customers’ needs. It can be about brave investments and networking with competitors who, at a later stage, can become a valuable partner. I am convinced that development is about constantly taking new steps. The journey itself is sometimes more important than the goal, it has turned out. The accumulated knowledge helps us fine-tune Proton Technology’s direction. We have far-reaching plans that will be in favour of both customers and the OEMs“.

The next article / part three (Part 3) of this series will be about the future. What is the next step? How will we continue to develop our business?