The new catalogue of corrosion tests is constantly being updated in order to expand the range of opportunities offered to customers in various market sectors such as automotive, furniture, metalworking and shipbuilding. Many companies manufacture products that, depending on the application, require different qualification tests and therefore need to perform corrosion tests according to the requirements found in manufacturers’ specifications.

The main change introduced in this period focuses on the stone chip resistance test according to BMW and Volvo standards.


The following are the main changes introduced in May 2024:


– BMW AA-0169: Outdoor weathering test

– BMW AA-0264: Multi stone chip test with saltwater exposure

– Volvo STD 1024,7132: Volvo AB Stone Chip

– Volvo STD 1024,7136: Volvo Cars Stone Chip

– Volvo STD 423-0023: Gloss

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