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Cotec Labs is the new brand that characterizes the quality of anti-corrosion coating testing service for the automotive industry. The new company vision is explained directly by Stefan Gustafsson Ledell, CEO of Cotec Labs.

Same company. Same staff. New name.

In order to better reflect the company’s vision and clarify that we are a global partner with an independent test center, we are now changing our name from Proton Technology to Cotec Labs. We believe that the key to success lies in seamlessly collaborating with our OEM/end-users, customers, suppliers, and partners – with a focus on making it as easy as possible for everyone to collaborate with us.

Our new company name makes it clearer for our customers to understand our business. The name is a composition of what we do and offer, such as collaboration and corrosion testing, our technical expertise and our lab. That is what Cotec Labs stands for and represents”, says Stefan Gustafsson Ledell, CEO.

Collaboration is the key

Collaboration and simplicity are crucial for Cotec Labs. Ordering tests from us should be smooth, and finding us should be easy. In short, we aim to deliver a high-quality experience in every step, adds Stefan and continues:

We are a global partner that assists companies worldwide in conducting tests. Therefore, it is extremely important that the process is seamless from the first contact to delivery”.

Cotec Labs aims to become even more global, partly to expand operations and the number of tests performed, but also to help the industry become more sustainable overall.

It’s all about increasing the lifespan of products, something our tests contribute to. The longer the lifespan, the smaller the carbon footprint”, says Stefan, emphasizing that every step toward a more sustainable future counts and that Cotec Labs wants to be part of that responsibility as a global partner.

Try us out!

Along with the name change, we have also refined our code of conduct for employees, focusing heavily on community, helping each other, and points out the importance of taking personal responsibility. We should always assist our customers in all situations where decisions need to be made and be flexible in terms of service levels, Stefan concludes, adding:

Cotec Labs is an independent global test center that is easy to collaborate with. We always do our utmost to ensure that you, as a customer, are more than satisfied, and that is something I really want to highlight. You won’t be disappointed. Or as we like to say to our potential customers: Try us out!

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