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The development of new product requires a correct design followed by prototype’s realization by which to implement performance qualification.

We at MaterialScan provide tailor-made solutions according to your needs and follow you throughout all development stages by:


  • Feasibility studies
  • Research and development paths for companies, created in collaboration with our innovation partners
  • Characterization plans and experimental activities organization, laboratory test, optimization of process parameters, etc.
  • Quality Control plans focused on products and processes improvement and on their compliance with technical requirements
  • Materials selection: support during material design and supplier validation

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Environmental sustainability is the paramount issue when it comes to plastics.

This is the reason why our team is developing a series of avant-garde methodologies for the recovery and recycling of plastic materials, including:


  • Test methods compliant with UNI 10667 standards
  • Identification of individual polymers (polyethylene, polypropylene, PET, …) in post-consumer plastics
  • Combined optimization of product and process according to circular economy principles.

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GEMMA Green and Eco-sustainable Materials MAnagement


GEMMA – Green and Eco-sustainable Materials Management


The project consists in a technology (patent pending) capable to convert barely recyclable scrap such as fiberglass, carbon fibre composites, bricks and rigid polyurethane into a novel material composed of a recycled fraction (50%) and natural additives (50%).

During 2017 the GEMMA project allowed MaterialScan to be included in the Italian Atlas of Circular Economy promoted by Legambiente and to be awarded during Start Cup Friuli Venezia Giulia Award for the AGRIFOOD – CLEANTECH category.


Feasibility study for the recycling of post-consumer plastics in the scope of circular economy




The study, funded by Invitalia, had 3 specific objectives:

  • the extension of mixed plastics supply chain
  • verification of technical, organizational and legal feasibility for the use of new recycled materials
  • model replicability.

Within the project, MaterialScan dealt with the feasibility assessment of mixed plastics supply chain extension.

Our experts characterized polymer compounds produced after the selection of plastics derived from municipal waste. After characterization, MaterialScan identified possible applications and assessed processes technical feasibility.



GGT Doors – Green Gas Tight Doors



The project has been funded by Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia within the POR FESR 2014-2020 program.

MaterialScan’s activities focused on the prototyping of an innovative material obtained from waste to be inserted inside a fire door for naval sector instead of traditional rock wool.

The project focused also on research activities to improve resistance to fire thanks to the use of nanotechnological additives.



The acetylation of Scots pine


acetilation of scots pine

MaterialScan collaborated with CATAS, a leading laboratory in tests, certifications and research for the wood-furniture sector, during a feasibility study to verify the effects of acetylation treatment on durability of Scots pine wood.


MaterialScan collaborates with the following companies and research institutes:

              UniTS  Friuli Innovazione  AEP Polymers  CATAS


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